5 Reasons to Book a Studio Couples Session

Couple smiling during studio session

I recently had the opportunity to give studio sessions a try, and I am just going to start this by saying, I am officially OBSESSED.  I LOVED working with Emma and Cam in the studio, there was so much space for creativity, intimacy and so much laughter, I am just so excited to book more of these couples sessions and you should be too!

Emma and Cam were beyond sweet and we had SO MUCH FUN at their studio session at the Sunlit Studio In Chicago.  We had so much time to try out different poses, get to know one another and capture some of their love all within their studio session.

While the number of things I love about studio sessions truly is limitless, I have narrowed my list of favorite things down to my top five for why you should book yours today!

Couple kiss during studio session

1. Simplicity

Something that is just so cool about studio sessions is the simplicity of them.  Rather than walking through the city or a dramatic outdoor scenery, having your session in the studio brings all of the focus of the image onto the two of you and all of your love.  The little things will start to pop out in your photos like the way he scrunches his nose when he laughs so hard, or the way you hold hands after you’ve been sitting together for awhile.  All of the little moments that are too often drowned out by your surroundings suddenly at the forefront of a photo.

Couple pose during studio session

2. Controlled

When you book a studio session, you end up dealing with a LOT less variables that can affect the experience of your session.  In a place like the Midwest, we experience a WIDE variety of weather, so it can be hard to plan ahead with things like outfits or outerwear when you’re planning your session.  With a studio session you will know exactly what you’re walking into, you won’t have to rush to get anything in before the sunset and you’ll have a lot more room to play without outside elements affecting your session.

Along with control over the weather, a studio session also offers a level of privacy that you would not have in a public location.  With a studio session, you and your partner get to have the opportunity to spend time with one another behind closed doors.  This will give you a much more intimate experience with one another than you would be able to have at any of the public spaces throughout the city.

Couple sit and laugh during studio session

3. Timeless

Bringing it back to simplicity, your engagement photos will remain timeless as you look back at them in the years from now.  Without a background to reference, the only thing your images will highlight is your love and the outfits you decide to showcase the day of.  Your photos will never date, and can forever serve as centerpieces to various parts of your home for many many years.

Couple sit and laugh during studio session

4. Customizable

One of my favorite parts of booking a studio session is that everything about them is customizable.  We can work together to set up an environment for the type of session we are planning and really run with it.  Having a session to celebrate you and Bae’s ten year anniversary?  Let’s pump up the music, let in the light and get bumping!  Looking for a slower session to relax and document some intimacy between the two of you?  Bring on the mood music and let’s limit some of the lighting.  We can start the session with a slower and moodier vibe, and gradually add more light as your session continues, whatever you’re feeling we can do!

Couple laying next to each other during studio session

5. Fun

Last but not least, they’re SO. MUCH. FUN.  I LOVE when my couples book a studio session because they highlight so many of their amazing qualities.  Show off your personal style with your session and rock your current favorite outfits, bring your pets or props like your favorite blanket to snuggle with. There are so many things you can do to make your session feel like you which makes them so fun to do.

Couple kiss while holding disco balls during studio session

Here are a couple of AWESOME spaces in Chicago that would be perfect for your next studio session.

Studio Spaces

Sunlit Studio

Tova Studios


Chicago Urban Sactuary

Edge Water Historical Home

Couple kiss and laugh during studio session

If you haven’t booked a Studio Session before, you’re definitely missing out.  There are so many things to love about them and I KNOW you’re going to want to schedule your own this winter!  Head to my contact page to reserve a date for you and your babes!

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