You are loved here, always. 

Your hype-queen, tequila shot drinker, starbucks lover, loud music playing, dancing all night, and wedding photographer.
Are we party besties, yet? 

I am obsessed with details and capturing real raw moments we might forget in the future. I love sharing your real story through our time together. I capture you laughing, smiling and the double tequila shots you took before the ceremony.

I make sure that when you look at these photos any time, you feel your story all over again. If you’re down to dance the day away with loud music, I would love to be your BIGGEST hype woman on your day.

HEY HEY HEY wassup' its ya girl, mayra



Chicago - based wedding photographer for tequila lovers wanting a stress-free wedding

Sending you a round of shots from chicago



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Are you a tequila lover? 

Do you want to be stress-free on your wedding? 

Would you be down for a detailed wedding planning guide to help you? 

Do you need a wedding timeline created for you?

Would you take a shot with me at the end of the night?

if you say yes to all of these questions, i'm your girl.

Buenas Vibras means, “good vibes,” in Spanish. I make sure to make our moments together and fun and comfortable. You want to dance, drink, jump up and down, I will be there doing the same thing with you. If you want to be in your pj’s, I’ll be there after I stop at Starbucks for your fav drink. I always want you and your babes feeling yourself and enjoying the time with me. 



but first, tequila.

we aren't here for a long time, but for a good time.

Featured on Zola

"Like most brides one their wedding day, the world is chaos, family is chaos, schedules are chaos & everything you envisioned that wasn't linen's or the perfect dress isn't as 100% as you'd like it to be. One thing that came 100% and was everything I envisioned was Mayra. She captured our wedding pictures so beautiful. Which is what they all say- but the only reason they were so great was because of how poise Mayra is! She really knows what she's doing y'all! As someone who hates getting her picture taken I was so sure I'd be uncomfortable and awkward, but with Mayra's prompts, energy and overall heart in what she's doing, it was like taking pictures with the love of your life and a long time friend."

Love, Mishy & Alex

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[ ] amo.
[x] quila.

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It's like we've known each other forever