I'm Mayra (pronounced MY-RA), a Chicago native whose heart belongs to Puerto Rico. From childhood, I've savored alcapurrias, carne frita, and bistec con arroz con gandules, having Coquito for Christmas and avena for breakfast.

My soul finds the party driving through mountainous landscapes, amidst swaying palm trees, sipping aqua de coco, or lounging on the beaches of Manati, Puerto Rico. Whether grabbing donuts at the local Walmart in Guayama or immersing myself in the vibrant culture, Puerto Rico is truly my home.

I grew up being the family translator at school, stores, banks, etc. As I grew, I knew I needed to better serve my community and I needed to speak Spanish, not only understand Spanish. Today, you'll find me at weddings, easing abuelas' nerves and ensuring moms stay informed about their loved ones' whereabouts.

Proud to be
Puerto Rican

Hey, I'm Mayra!


Hey there, beautiful! Let's talk about that gorgeous melanin of yours – it's what makes you shine! I'm all about keeping it real and celebrating your natural beauty. Your skin stays exactly as it is, no funny business here!

When it comes to editing, I'm all about authenticity. You'll look like the fabulous you that you are, with no funky colors or changes to your melanin – that's a promise!

Life is all about creating endless memories, and I'm here to capture every moment authentically. Now, about those pimples – don't worry, I've got your back! I'll make sure they're not crashing the party on your big day.

So, let's embrace every inch of who you are – body, skin, hair, eyes, and all! Your uniqueness is what makes you stunning, and I'm here to celebrate it with you!


My love
My person

We're a love story straight out of a fairy tale – high school sweethearts, forever entwined in each other's hearts.

Every month, our Friday nights are a romantic adventure through the city of Chicago. It's our little ritual – taking turns planning, always surprising each other with something special. Our ultimate haven? La Costa on Ashland, where every visit feels like a dream, filled with laughter and love.

Frozen yogurt holds a dear place in our hearts, a symbol of our sweet beginnings together.

But above all, it's the simple joys that truly warm our souls – like sharing taquitos and giggles, cherishing each moment. Here's to a lifetime of sweetness and never-ending love, with mi amorcito.

some fun things

I love…

  • my cafecito at any time of the day iced or hot.
  • my husband, we are 2023 newlyweds 
  • my tequila
  • loud music is the only music I like 
  • chipotle night runs

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