5 Tips For Stress-Free Engagement Photos

Whether you’re a veteran model or this is one of the first times you’ve been in front of the camera, you’ll want to have some awesome engagement photos of you and bae. But how do you make sure that you’re all set for some bomb photos? Check out this list to get yourselves ready for an amazing photoshoot!

1. Incorporate one of your favorite activities

For a lot of couples, engagement photos are the first time they’ve gotten in front of a camera to take professional photos, but that doesn’t mean you should stress over it.  If you’re nervous about taking photos and you’re not really sure what to expect, I highly recommend incorporating one or a few of your favorite activities into your session to help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera.  I love taking a walk with my couples in some of their favorite places, popping some champagne, baking their favorite treats or cuddling on the beach on their picnic blanket.  This helps to make your session more personal to the two of you as well as gives you something to focus on if you’re ever not sure what to do with your hands.  

2. Take them in one of your favorite places

Taking your engagement photos in one of your favorite locations can help with the comfortability during your session.  Taking your photos somewhere familiar helps you to know what to expect. You know roughly how many people will be there. You might know the route we will walk, and your body will feel more relaxed in a space that you’re familiar with.  If you’re looking for a more laid-back place for your session, think about having your session at home, your favorite forest preserve or little corner coffee shop in the city.  If you want something with a little more energy check out somewhere like North Avenue beach, the lakefront trail or your favorite bustling street in the city.

3. Show off your style

One of the reasons I LOVE taking engagement photos is that it captures who you both are at that moment in time.  So many things change for you from year to year. Your style, your hair, your job, where you live, or even where you’re at with your relationship can change so fast!  Rock your favorite mom jeans or that necklace he just got you for your anniversary. You’ll look back at these photos and remember

Wear your FAVORITE dress, that one you love to dance in, or the pair of jeans that have been with you through it all, or maybe you have a new denim coat that makes you feel like a badass with it on.  After all, whatever you decide to wear, you want to make sure you’re feeling confident AF in it for your engagement photos. By wearing an outfit that you know and have already broken in, you’re going to be feeling confident AND comfortable at your session.

4. Be open to what your photographer suggests

Your experience with your photographer starts long before you show up to take the photos.  I always make sure to walk my clients through the entire process. We go over everything from choosing their locations, setting the time for their photos, to picking out outfits.  I even send over an outfit guide to help you choose your fits!  Then, leading up to your day, I will help you get in the right frame of mind. I always encourage my couples to take the day of their session a little bit slower.  Spend some time together, bake, have a little date night, and just really be present with one another.

I LOVE when my couples are able to go out for drinks either before or after their session. A little Tequila ALWAYS helps my couples loosen up for their session.

5. Lean on Me

Don’t be afraid to lean on me as we approach your session. Yo girl brings ALL the energy to your session so you just have to show up and get excited.  We dance, we snuggle, we laugh, we do it all at the same time and we honestly just have THE best time. If this sounds up your alley fill out my contact form here, I cannot wait to meet the two of you and document a little bit of your love story. If you’re feeling some nerves heading into your session, don’t worry, I will guide you through the entire process. Here are some reviews from past clients who felt the same way!

Kind Words from Lovely People

“When I booked with her and did my engagement session…WOW! All my family who saw our photos were amazed and even said we picked the right photographer who captured every cute moment. I can ask her for anything and she always has an answer. Mayra is worth booking an appointment with!”-Genesis

“At first my husband and I were nervous about having pictures taken and posing and not being awkward. Mayra made sure we had fun the whole time. It was smiles and laughter. It was easy, It didn’t feel forced. She had fun prompts to allow to catch meaningful moments. I wish the session would of lasted longer!!” -Denia

“As someone who hates getting her picture taken I was so sure I’d be uncomfortable and awkward, but with Mayra’s prompts, energy and overall heart in what she’s doing, it was like taking pictures with the love of your life and a long time friend. (: I can’t wait to book Mayra for any future family shoots, couple shoots, holidays shoots (this is me needing a reason to book with her again)”-Washma

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