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There are a LOT of good photographers out there.  For real, Chicago is full to the brim with them, which is why when you choose your photographer you want to think outside just the pretty photos when it comes to your wedding day.  In this blog, we are going to do a deep dive on […]

How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer


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So you’re planning out your proposal and you want to get it juuust right so that you and bae will remember it forever as one of your favorite moments together. Does this sound like you? If it does and you’re not really sure on how to go about planning your proposal, then you’re in luck. […]

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal


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Congratulations, you just got engaged to the love of your life! Now what? After you’re engaged it can feel like you get swept up in a whirlwind, between the congratulations from friends and family, all of the planning that goes into your wedding, and the huge changes that both of your lives are about to […]

What to Do After You Get Engaged – The Full Break Down


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