How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Man setting up and planning perfect proposal to girlfriend

So you’re planning out your proposal and you want to get it juuust right so that you and bae will remember it forever as one of your favorite moments together. Does this sound like you? If it does and you’re not really sure on how to go about planning your proposal, then you’re in luck. I put together this list of all the ins and outs of planning out the proposal that’s perfect for you, so let’s get into it!


This is arguably the most important part of the planning process if you’re looking to have the perfect proposal for you and your soon to be fiancé. Talk about their expectations as well as yours. Do they want you to ask their parents for permission? Do they like to be surprised or are they looking to help be a part of the planning itself? There are no right or wrong answers here, it all comes down to what you two both want, and that’s what’s so cool about proposals!

Couple hugs at perfectly planned proposal

Make it You

Now that you’ve got the general ideas of what your babes is looking for in their head, it’s time to start planning your perfect proposal moment. Think about the things you like to do together. Do you take trips together often or want to travel more together? Maybe a getaway proposal is right for you! Or maybe you two have a certain part of town that you LOVE heading to for a night out. A date night proposal might be your thing. Or maybe you have a special place that already means something in your relationship, like where you met or had your first date. These are all great options, but again this is going to be individual to you. Take your time and really think through the things that both you and your partner enjoy and try to plan around that.

Couple kisses after perfectly planned proposal

Time and Place

Now let’s get into the logistics of it all. You probably have some ideas in your head of some spots that could work for your proposal, this next part is very important to consider if you’re going to have a photographer capture the moment. If possible try to pick a location where your photographer can blend in to a crowd or at the least has somewhere easy to hide. The last thing I want is to stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the surprise, so touristy spots where I can pretend to be sight seeing are great. At the very least some bushes to hide in will work. Bri and Max had their proposal at Lincoln Park Zoo, you can check out their photography policy here.

You’ll also want to plan your proposal for just after sunrise or an hour before sunset so you can get that perfect lighting! Outside of those times the lighting is going to be a little harder to work with but not impossible.

Couple kisses after perfectly planned proposal

Have a “Plan”

If you’re going the surprise proposal route then it’s important to have a “plan” and to stick to it so that bae doesn’t catch on or suspect anything. Tell them that your cousin and their spouse, or someone believable to your relationship, is planning on meeting up with you to take you guys out for breakfast/dinner, or just plan a simple date night out.  If you’re planning on having a photographer capture the moment make sure to be sneaky about communicating with them!  If you’re communicating via text, you can change your photographer’s name in your phone to your cousin or best friend’s name and talk with them freely to coordinate. It’s best to use someone that your partner doesn’t talk to often so they won’t text them and spoil it themselves.

This is just one example, but it’s important to plan this out so that the surprise is genuine and your photographer can capture that magic moment.

Couple kisses after perfectly planned proposal
Man kisses fiance after perfectly planned proposal

The Moment Itself

Speaking of the moment, live in it and enjoy it. You only get to have your proposal once! There’s a lot that can happen at your proposal with changes in the weather, more people being there than you expected, and the butterflies in your stomach as the anticipation builds, it can be a lot! Take your time and some deep breaths and remember that no matter what the only things that REALLY matter are you and your soon to be fiancé. Take your time and enjoy yourself as you’re about to start this next chapter of your life together!

When planning a proposal there are so many different variables to consider, and add in the nerves and anticipation on top of it all and you can see why it can be a lot to plan the perfect proposal. This list should help you get on track to planning out something that is right for both of you. Talk about your goals, plan it around the things you both love, and you’ll be well on your way to a proposal that is perfect for you! And if you need a photographer to capture your moment together hit up my contact page here!

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