Chicago Backyard Wedding | Mishy and Alex

Mishy and Alex’s Chicago Backyard Wedding

Backyard Wedding 101

Backyard weddings are so awesome, but one thing that is a must when it comes to backyard weddings is making sure you have some bomb vendors.

When relying on family and loved ones to put together your wedding day, things might not always go to plan, so it’s important to have vendors that can provide some structure and help you to execute the day of your dreams.  Companies that combine rentals with day-of coordination are an awesome way for couples who want to DIY a lot of their wedding but also want a little help along the way. Chicago Vintage Weddings is an awesome company that offers both gorgeous décor for the backyard wedding of your dreams but also helps with the planning along the way!

First Looks

Mishy and Alex got ready separately and then planned for some time during their wedding day for a first look.  First looks are a great opportunity on a wedding day to have a bit of time alone with your soon-to-be spouse and you can just tell by the looks on their faces that they loved every moment of it.

Bride tapping groom on shoulder for backyard wedding first look
Groom's reaction to backyard wedding first look
Bride and groom portrait at backyard wedding

The Venue

Mishy and Alex worked together with their families to do everything for their wedding on their own.  Mishy and Alex had a tent set up in their backyard for the reception. They also created a couple of other spaces throughout their yard for things like photos and spending time with their family.  When planning a backyard wedding I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a tent or some sort of covering.  With the unpredictable weather that comes with the Midwest you always need a backup plan when it comes to space to host your wedding guests.

Bride and groom portrait at backyard wedding
Bride and groom look at each other at backyard wedding
Bride and groom kiss at backyard wedding

Portraits and Photos

While you may feel the urge to head out to a forest preserve or somewhere epic nearby, there are more than likely plenty of gorgeous views in your own backyard.  For Mishy and Alex, we used the landscape of their backyard. Then, Mishy and Alex also had a great simple setup with a rug and couch for their wedding day. We loved using this setup for their wedding party photos.

Every wedding day is completely different from the next and I LOVE that about my couples.

No matter where you set up your wedding day, no matter where your vision takes place I promise to show up with the energy of your long-time friend. I will be ready to hype you up and create the photos of your dreams. For more information on what your wedding day could look like with me as your photographer, check out my packages here. Send an inquiry and we can get to planning!

Bride shows ring with groom at backyard wedding
Bride and groom at backyard wedding

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