5 Tips for Slowing Down on Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you and your babes are going to be constantly pulled in so many different directions. After you’ve done all the planning and after you’ve gathered all of your guests, people are going to want to talk to you, they’re going to want your opinions, and the day is going to go by crazy fast. Make sure to take some time throughout your day to slow down and soak it all in, it’s your wedding after all!

When it comes to planning out these details and these slow moments of your wedding day, it’s easy to get swept up in the craziness that comes with any wedding day.  There are so many moving parts and pieces that make up your day so it can be easy to lose yourselves and your purpose in the whirlwind your wedding day becomes.  But don’t worry, I GOT YOU!

To avoid this from happening and make the most of your wedding day, consider doing these five things throughout your day to give you opportunities to slow down.

1. Create a timeline

Not sure where to start?  Rely on your wedding photographer (me!) to help you create a timeline for your wedding day.  As wedding photographers, we have been a part of the planning process of more weddings than most people so we have a solid idea of how long various parts of your day take.

I walk through every wedding day with each of my wedding clients to make sure you put together the timeline of your dreams!  We will work together from start to finish and customize your timeline to fit every detail of your dream wedding day.

Think about the experience you want to have on your wedding day.  Do you thrive in an environment where your day is super structured?  Or do you want a little fluidity to your wedding day?  There is no right or wrong answer to this as it is your day.  It is important though to build in time throughout your wedding day for you to slow down and soak in what is going on with one another.

To get your brain flowing and thinking about your own wedding day timeline check out this awesome article by the knot with a step-by-step guide to Creating Your Wedding Day and Weekend Timeline

2. Set aside time for you and your lovie first look, after rehearsal dinner etc

There is something really beautiful about taking time throughout your wedding day just for the two of you.  This is more than likely one of the only times you will have all of your favorite people in one space celebrating you, so take a few moments throughout your day to soak it in and step out to reflect on everything that has gotten you here!  

You’re going to be feeling a lot of different emotions at different parts of your wedding day so I suggest setting aside one or two 20 minute chunks throughout your wedding day where the two of you can sneak away and just soak in the day that is happening around you.

Pro Tip:  Your first look doesn’t have to happen right before your ceremony!  Wanting to spend more time with your soon-to-be spouse throughout your wedding day?  Have your first look first thing in the morning!  Take a slow morning together before you start to get ready, or grab lunch together after you’re already ready!

3. Read your vows in private

Not a fan of including your vows in your ceremony in front of your friends and family?  Set aside time during your wedding day to read your vows privately to one another instead.  If you plan to have your first look walking down the aisle you can do your vows around the corner from one another so you can be with each other without seeing one another.  If you are planning to do your first look before the ceremony, this is a great time to break out your vows and have a moment or two together.

Having some portraits after the ceremony just the two of you?  This is one more phenomenal time to sneak out and read your vows just the two of you and soak in what you’ve already lived through so far from your wedding day.

Side note, it is SUPER important to not wait till the last minute to write your vows, I highly recommend taking time in the weeks prior to beginning putting together your vows.

4. Set aside time for your people

Your wedding day is going to FLY by, and if you don’t set aside time for some of those other important people in your life outside of your spouse, you really won’t be able to spend much time with them.  Have a first look or exchange gifts for those you have in your wedding party.  Ask your parents if they can come into your getting-ready space and help you put the finishing touches on your wedding look.  Go for a walk with your godparents before you head into hair and makeup.  There are SO many different ways to set aside time for some of those important people in your life on your wedding day.

Newly weds share intimate moment on front steps to slow down on their wedding day

5. Getaway car

Even if you’re staying at your venue for the night, it is so nice to take a drive or a walk at the end of your wedding night to reflect on the day and take it all in.  Once it’s time for your guests to start heading out, hire a getaway car to take you and your new husband or wife for a spin!  Drive around town, laugh, and reflect on all of the amazing things that made up your wedding day.

Some getaway car ideas include:

Vintage Car Rentals

A Bicycle Built for Two

A Rickshaw Ride through the City

Or a nice Boat Ride down the Chicago River

All of these little things will help you to slow down on your wedding day and really take some time to soak it all in. Looking for someone to help you through the planning process? Click here to send ya girl a message and we can get to planning!

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